jAPS 2.0 Screencast: Istantiate a new portal in 7 steps

Saturday, February 20, 2010
Better than 10 thousand words.

Welcome to:
Instantiate a New Portal from jAPS 2.0 sources in 7 steps.

What You Need:
-> the whole development environment with: Sun JDK, Eclipse, PostgreSQL and Tomcat
-> Already Imported and Already Configured jAPS 2.0 source Project

If You don't know how to do all those things:

Let's Start:
1 - Open Eclipse, and start editing this file: build_newPortal.xml

2 - Just insert the name of the new project You want to create,
modify the property "newportal.name"

3 - use this build_newPortal.xml with ANT, run the
"Create New Portal" task

4 - Import the new project, It's already in your workspace

5 - Verify params: setup the name of the new webapp in the build.xml and verify other params in context.xml

6 - run it (you need to restore/create db first of course)

7 - You got it, Have fun with jAPS 2.0 :)

8 - Follow us at http://roarofthefagiano.blogspot.com/ :P

Bye, Andrea.

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