jAPS 2.0 Road Map

Monday, March 8, 2010
Looking at the Official jAPS 2.0 Road Map:

Stable 2.0.10 Release

  • Search by page code in Page Management
  • Entity Types Interface Management. Example: Back office interface to create and manage content types

Maybe It's a bit "reduced" as feature list... the changelog will be surely longer and more complete.

But the one of the most important feature for jAPS Web Developers is the "Entity Types Interface Management" :D

I'm very exited about it! I'll do a screencast soon ;)

As We can read from the mailing list, Eugenio wrote:

We're in the home stretch with the new version 2.0.10. (few weeks have faith!).
For those of you who want to try the preview of the new version of jAPS 2.0, the SourceForge CVS is always constantly updated.

So we're just checking everything :) stay tuned.

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